DIY – Boot jewelry

Boho boot belt diy

I found them at the shoe store a little while ago: boot jewelry. I instantly fall in love with them. Until I saw the price… So I left without those pretty things (sad face). But I thought this would be a great DIY. Besides, why should you buy them if you can make them, a lot cheaper, yourself?

Boho boot belt diy

What I really like about these belts / jewelry is that you can give a basic boot a complete new look. You could create more than one style, so you can change the look of your boots daily without buying new ones. They are a lot of fun to make, so make as many as you like! What more do you want?

Boho boot belt diy

What do you need for boot jewelry 

–  A (second hand) belt
– Ribon with different prints
– Embroidery thread and a needle
– Fabric glue
– Studs
– Scrapbook rings

Boho boot belt diy

How to create belt jewelry

1. Wrap the belt around your boot and cut the belt at the right length. Cut another piece of the belt on the same length for the other boot.

Boho boot belt diy Boho boot belt diy

2. Cut for both boots a piece of ribbon that is approximately 8 cm longer that the piece of belt you just cut. Fold over the ends of your ribbon for 2,5 cm and glue them together to get a loop. You will attach the rings to these loops later on.

Boho boot belt diy

3. Before you glue the ribbon to the belt you could add some studs. After that you have to glue the ribbon in the middle of your belt. The loops you just made should stick out.

Boho boot belt diy

4. The base is now ready. Now you can decorate further by adding for example another piece of ribbon.

Boho boot belt diy Boho boot belt diy

5. If your belt has little holes, you could also choose to embroider your belt jewelry. But lace, coins or beads are also really pretty!

Boho boot belt diy Boho boot belt diy

6. Use the scrapbook rings to close the belts. These rings are really easy to open and close, that’s why they are perfect for this project!

Boho boot belt diy Boho boot belt diy

Now add your belts to your boots and you are ready! I made two different pieces because I wanted some variation. But you could also make two who are exactly the same.

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