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Welcome to my blog! I'm a blogger, mommy, diy lover, small business entrepreneur, home cook and fashion lover. I hope you like my blog and please leave a message! XO Wilma
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DIY project: make garden markers from paint stirrers (+ an easy way on how to transfer the text)

DIY project: make garden markers from paint stirrers (+ an easy way on how to transfer the text)

Sometimes it’s so hard to think of a good gift for someone you love. You want to give them something they will use and remember but they already have so much stuff. And to make it even worse: there is close to nothing on their wishlist. So what to do? Well, pick something they love to do and create something that helps them with it! This garden markers are a great example of just that. My dad loves his vegetable garden (I promise I will make pictures this summer, it’s really pretty) but I noticed he didn’t had any garden markers. So I decided to make him some for his birthday. I called my mom for a list of all the vegetables and bought a lot of paint stirrers. I love the end result and so did my dad. I think they will look great in his garden!

DIY project: make garden markers from paint stirrers (+ an easy way on how to transfer the text)

What you need for these paint stirrer garden markers

wooden paint stirrers
spray paint primer
white spray paint
- black paint (for outside)
- small tip paintbrush
– printer
– pencil
– printer paper
– cardboard
– scissors
fret saw

How to make garden markers form paint stirrers

1. Step one is optional but it makes your garden markers less ‘paint stirrer’ and more ‘garden marker’ looking. Cut out a piece of cardboard with the same width as your paint stirrers. Cut a triangle shape out at the bottom. This piece of cardboard is now perfect to use as a guide to draw a triangle shape on the bottom of all your paint stirrers. You can now use your fret saw to saw the triangle. You now have a nice ‘arrow’ shaped garden marker instead of a paint stirrer.

2. Paint your garden markers. First you need to spray paint them with your primer and after that one or more layers of white spray paint.

DIY project: make garden markers from paint stirrers (+ an easy way on how to transfer the text)

3. Choose a font on your computer. A really good source for fonts Fontsquirel. Choose a good size for your garden markers and print out.

DIY project: make garden markers from paint stirrers (+ an easy way on how to transfer the text)

4. Use a pencil to color the back of your printer paper. Cut out the words.

DIY project: make garden markers from paint stirrers (+ an easy way on how to transfer the text)

5. Lay down the words on your garden markers and trace with a pencil. The pencil on the other side of the paper will transfer to your garden markers.

DIY project: make garden markers from paint stirrers (+ an easy way on how to transfer the text)

6. Paint over the transferred words with black paint. Let dry.

That’s it! How cute will these look in your garden? XO Wilma

Gold leaf Easter egg diy project

It’s no secret that I absolutely love gold leaf. It’s pretty and makes everything look better! That’s why I had to try some gold leaf on my Easter eggs. I made a simple design on white eggs to really make the gold leaf pop. I love how they turned out! Simple and sophisticated.

What you need for DIY gold leaf Easter eggs

– gold leaf*
– gold leaf adhesive*
– brush for the adhesive
– big brush (like a powder brush) to brush off the excess gold leaf
– white eggs

* You could also buy a gold leaf kit, like this one.

Gold leaf Easter egg diy projectGold leaf Easter egg diy project

How to make DIY gold leaf Easter eggs

1. Make sure your eggs and your work surface are clean. You don’t want anything else than gold leaf sticking to your Easter eggs!

2. Put the glue on your eggs where you want the gold leaf to go. You can make any pattern you like. Like dots, stripes or maybe even chevron. The glue has to dry for a while. For how long depends on your glue, so make sure you read the instructions!

3. It’s time to apply the gold leaf. I found it was the easiest to apply the gold leaf directly from the paper. It’s very delicate and will break as soon as you touch it. So open you booklet or paper and put the gold leaf on your egg. Remove the paper and the gold leaf will be stuck on your egg. You can use a brush and your fingers to create a smooth surface. It doesn’t have to completely perfect! I think that’s the charm of gold leaf!

4. Brush away all the excess gold leaf and leave it to dry.

Your DIY gold leaf Easter eggs are ready for Easter! XO Wilma

Easter bunny eggs with pdf ear printable

Sometimes the simplest things are the prettiest. These Easter bunny eggs are super simple to make but will look so cute on your table! The ears are made with a printable that you can download below. This would also be a great craft to do with kids. Let them draw the faces of the bunnies!

Easter bunny egg with ear printable 3

What you need for Easter bunny eggs with ears

– the Easter bunny egg ear printable (printed out on thick paper)
- permanent marker
– scissors
– glue
– hard boiled or blown out eggs

Easter bunny eggs with pdf ear printable

How to make Easter bunny eggs with ears

Draw the faces on your eggs with a permanent marker. Cut out the ears and fold over the little rectangle at the bottom of the ears. Put a little bit of glue on the bottom of the rectangle and glue your ears on top of your Easter bunny eggs.

That’s it! Easy isn’t it? You now have really cute Easter bunny eggs with ears! XO Wilma

Doodle Easter egg DIY Project

When I thought about what to do with this years Easter eggs I knew I wanted to try a doodle Easter egg. It’s fun, easy and looks really cool. You don’t really have to be a great drawer to make these. With just a few tips and tricks everyone can make a doodle Easter egg. Or anything ells filled with doodles for that matter.

What you need for doodle Easter eggs

– Permanent marker
– Blown out or hard boiled eggs

Doodle Easter egg DIY Project

How to make doodle Easter eggs

Doodling really isn’t hard to do, even if you are not a great drawer. Here are a few tips to create great looking doodle Easter eggs:

1. Choose two or three basic shapes. As you can see my egg is mainly filled with the image of one flower and a leaf repeated all over the egg. If you choose just a few basic shapes your design will get a consistent look.

2. Fill up the egg enthirely with the basic shapes. Don’t worry about holes just yet.

3. Now tackle the holes in your design. Again; just choose one or two ways to fill the openings. I doodled swirls and dots. In the end your egg will have just 4 or 5 different shapes drawn on it. This gives a consistent but really pretty look!

Now go grab an egg and start doodling! XO Wilma

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