8 Homemade things I want for the baby

crochet baby

There are so many things I want to make before the baby is here. I know I’ve still got six months to do everything but there is so much to do and I’ve got so little energy. I’m still not doing anything at the moment. But I’m 3 months pregnant now and nausea isn’t as bad as it used to be so I’m hoping I will get my energy and my health back soon. For now I want to show you 8 homemade things I really need for the baby. Some things I can make myself, but for some I need some help (I can’t crochet). If you know any good baby crafts let me know! I can always use a little more inspiration!

First thing I need (want), but can’t make myself, is a crocheted blanket. I love the colorful and soft look of it. For this one I have to ask my mom. I never learned how to crochet and I’m still telling myself that I really need to learn the craft. I just never find the time to do it. I love the colors of this blanket that I found on Flickr. I get happy just by looking at it!

Find my other favorite homemade things for babies after the jump. . .

made by rae baby pants

I don’t know what the gender of the baby is and I don’t want to know it until it’s born. I love those last minute surprises! But because I don’t know the gender it’s harder to shop for clothes. I find that many clothes are really made for or a boy or a girl. So I won’t be buying a lot of things before hand. Something I do want to make is baby pants. Those are good for both genders and it sounds like a really easy project too! This is a pattern from Made By Rae. My pants will not have such bold prints but the pattern looks great and that’s what counts doesn’t it?

i think sew baby boots

The pattern for these cute little boots is not free but they are so incredibly cute I needed to share them with you. I know it’s summer when the baby is born but I can’t help myself. It’s just too cute…

baby towel

When my little brother was a baby I remember that I loved those hooded towels. So I need a few of these too. I’m not sure if I will make them or buy them at this point but if I will make them I can always go to the blog of The Purl Bee for some great instructions on how to make them. And look at that cute little baby!

shoes baby

These cute shoes are a little more appropriate for summer. I love the simplicity of these little shoes and the fabric she has used. I think I might even have this fabric somewhere! You can download the pattern here.

moby wrap

A friend of mine really loved the Moby wrap so of course I want one too. Especially because they look so easy to make. I found a great tutorial over at the Elle Apparel Blog.

diaper cover

These diaper covers are so cute and perfect for summer! They would also look great under a dress. The pattern is from Dana Made It.

rainbow plushie

This rainbow plushie is absolutely adorable. I think every child would love the ribbon on it! It would also make a great gift for new parents. The pattern is from Chez Beeper Bebe.

I hope you liked these DIY projects. If you have more ideas for me please let me know! XO Wilma

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  • Reply
    Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims
    January 17, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    Aww those little booties are adorable!!! Have fun creating for the babe!! 🙂

  • Reply
    January 17, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    Hi Wilma, I read your last posts and I’m so sorry for your nausea period. But I feel close to you, for the same reason. My nausea were not so strong but anyway did slow my work and gave me less energy to craft as well. ;(
    I like the stuff you want to make. I will “steal” some of your inspirations and I’ll try to update you if I make something by my self.
    Soon is coming a period full of energy even for you….believe me! 😉 Hugs.

  • Reply
    Sinea Pies
    February 20, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    Congrats on your soon-to-arrive baby! Babies are so special and I love your list of things you want for her/him. We didn’t find out the gender of our son before he was born, either. It was fun waiting to find out. ♥

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