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DIY - How to make a simple tea cozy #tea #diy #cozy

Today I have a tutorial for a tea cozy for you. I know it has been a while since my last tutorial, but I’m back! This tea cozy is not only super handy but also looks really cute in your kitchen or on your table. It also makes a great gift for someone who loves tea. I made this one for my boyfriends grandmother and gave it together with a box of tea. It really isn’t hard to make this tea cozy. Just follow my tutorial and pattern, and you will have one in no time!

Learn how to make this tea cozy and see the pattern after the jump. . .

What you need for a tea cozy (plus tea cozy pattern)

tea cozy pattern (pdf pattern)
– two pieces of cotton fabric. I used one with a pattern and one in a solid color.
– about 30 inch of lace trim
– 3 inches of trim for the loop at the top
– thick fiberfill
– scissors
– thread
– tape
– sewing machine
– pins

DIY - How to make a simple tea cozy #tea #diy #cozy

How to make a tea cozy

1. Gather your materials and decide on the color and fabric combination for your tea cozy.

2. Print the tea cozy pattern, cut it out and put it together with tape. For the piece of fabric that you use for the bottom of the tea cozy plus the inside you need tea cozy pattern piece number A+B. For the piece of fabric on the top you need tea cozy pattern piece C. For the fiberfill filling you need tea cozy pattern piece number A. You need to cut two pieces of fabric / fiberfill for each tea cozy pattern piece. One for the front and one for the the back of your tea cozy.

3. Cut the piece of lace trim in two pieces of 15 inch. Lay down one of the larger pieces of fabric with the right side up and the straight line at the bottom. Put the piece of lace on top of the and finish with one of the smaller pieces of fabric, right side down (see picture). Pin down and sew the pieces together.

4. Unfold the fabric and sew a strait line just above the lace to make everything stay in place.

5. Now you can put your tea cozy together. Start with a layer of fiberfill, then your pieces of fabric with the right sides facing each other, an another piece of fiberfill. The fiberfill should be at the side where the bigger piece of fabric (the inside and the bottom of the tea cozy) is. Insert the piece of trim for the loop at the top of your tea cozy at the center of the side where the smaller piece of fabric is (in my case the patterned piece). You need to put the loop between the layers of fabric with the loop at the inside. Pin everything down.

6. Start sewing at the side where you placed your fiber fill all the way around. Leave an opening at the top from at least four inches. This way you can turn the tea cozy right side out. Turn the tea cozy right side out and sew the opening close. Put the lining inside the cozy and make a seem about half an inch from the bottom of your cozy to keep everything in place.

Your tea cozy is done! Now make another one as a gift! XO Wilma


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