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Day 8 of my 10 day washi tape marathon: DIY washi stickers

It’s day 8 of my 10 day washi tape marathon. Today I want to show you how you can make stickers from your washi tape. In this example I make round stickers but you can make washi tape stickers in every shape you want. You just need a large punch in that shape. If you don’t have craft punches you could also draw the outlines of your image on the back of freezer paper and cut it out.

Learn how to make washi tape stickers after the jump. . .

What you need for washi tape stickers

– washi tape
– freezer paper
large craft punch

Day 8 of my 10 day washi tape marathon: DIY washi stickers

How to make DIY washi tape stickers

1. Find a large craft punch in the shape of your choice. I choose a simple round punch for this project.

2. Put washi tape on freezer paper. You have to layer the washi tape for 1 or 2 mm so that you can easily remove it later in one piece.

3. Take your craft punch and punch out your shape

4. Your washi stickers are ready. If you peel of your freezer paper you can put it on wathever you like.

5. For example on planters (what is it with me and planters?). XO Wilma

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