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DIY - Easy leather and lace clutch tutorial

This leather and lace clutch with a scalloped edge is not only beautiful and fashionable but also very easy to make! You just need some basic sewing skills.

Learn how to make a leather and lace clutch with scalloped edge after the jump. . .

What you need for a leather and lace clutch

– lace
– leather or fake leather
– sewing machine
– drinking glass
– masking tape
– pen
– pins

DIY - Easy leather and lace clutch tutorial

How to make a leather and lace clutch

1. Place a piece of masking tape on top of your drinking glass. This way you will know exactly how big the scalloped edges should be when you draw them.
2. Draw the scalloped edge on the back of your leather. Make five half circles.
3. Cut out the scalloped edge.
4. Now you know exactly how width your bag is going to be. It’s just as big as the width of the scalloped edge. You also have to decide how long your clutch should be. Cut the leather.
5. Fold a piece of paper in half and cut out a hearth shape. Use it as a pattern to draw a hearth on the leather between the scalloped edge in the middle. Cut out the hearth.
6. Cut the lace in a shape big enough to cover the piece of leather underneath the flap with the scalloped edge. Pin and sew it down. You should sew it like shown on the picture so you can fold over the lace and not see the seem. Fold the lace over and sew a seem to make the lace lie flat. Also sew the lace to the top of the clutch.
7. Sew the sides of your clutch closed.
8. Your new leather and lace clutch is ready! Hope you liked this tutorial! XO Wilma

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