DIY – Stamped chevron scarf

diy - chevron stamped scarf

I love the chevron pattern. It’s so simple but also so gorgeous to look at. This tutorial is about how you can print anything with chevron using a simple stamp. And really this stamp is so easy to make that you just have to try this!

Learn ho to make a stamped chevron scarf after the jump. . .

What you need for a stamped chevron scarf

- a large eraser
- piece of wood
- strong glue (to glue the eraser to the wood
- a knife
- a scarf
- textile paint
- paintbrush

diy - chevron stamped scarf

How to make a stamped chevron scarf

1. Cut your eraser in the chevron pattern with the knife.
2. Glue the eraser to the wood. When the glue is dry you can use a paintbrush to cover your stamp in paint.
3. Stamp the chevron pattern on your scarf. If the stamped chevron is not perfect enough you can use a paintbrush to fill in the gaps.

14 thoughts on “DIY – Stamped chevron scarf

  1. Erika

    This is such a great idea! I love chevron pattern and i have plenty of plain scarves to try this on! Thanks for the tip :)

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  4. Ana Liza

    Quick q from a less crafty person: how well does the paint stay? I am in love with this scarf and am just curious! :) all the best!

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