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diy owl lamp

I saw all these great owl lamps online and I loved them. I am a big fan of owl and of vintage products. So these owl lamps would look great in my interior! But unfortunately I couldn’t find one around here. Besides that I thought I could make one my self for a just a few bucks. I found a polystone owl in the store. Polystone is an ideal material for this project because it’s easy to make holes in it without destroying the whole owl. So here is my DIY version of the vintage owl lamp!

Read how to make these polystone  DIY owl lamp after the jump. . .

What you need for this DIY owl lamp

– polystone owl. This plastic one from Amazon would work too.
Ikea Hemma table lamp base (the smallest version)
– black cord light switch
– white spray paint
– drilla
– lampshade

How to make this fabulous DIY owl lamp 

Drill a hole in the top of your polystone owl, big enough to fit the tube from the table lamp base. You also need to drill a hole in the bottom to make the cord come out. Cut the cord from the lamp base on both sides of the lamp switch. Remove the square base of your lamp base. Now you can fit the tube of your lamp base inside the polystone owl. Decide if you want the to spray paint the whole thing, or just the owl. I decided to go for some contrast and just paint the owl. After spray painting many layers of paint on the owl I installed the tube in the owl again and pulled the cord through the hole in the bottom. Install the light switch to make the lamp work again. Place the lamp shade on top of it and you’re DIY owl lamp is ready for your home!

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