DIY – Leather belt bracelet

diy - leather belt bracelet

When belts break it’s almost always at the end. You can throw that broken belt away, but you can also make it into a beautiful leather bracelet!

What you need 

- a belt
- a hammer
- a nail
- scissors
- pencil

How you make it

Wrap the belt around your wrist three times. Mark where there should be a hole in the belt. Now take the nail and the hammer and make a hole. Cut of the belt at the desired length.

Now wear your new leather belt bracelet. Or make another one for your boyfriend!

diy - leather belt bracelet men

17 thoughts on “DIY – Leather belt bracelet

  1. Ioana C.

    This looks so nice!I remember I used to wear this in my 7th grade!Found it unique, Internet wasn’t so popular back then, but I find it awesome that ideas like this one are brought back to light:)

  2. Robert

    The male leather brace looks awesome, i’m trying to make one myself but can’t seem to find leather anywhere

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