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February 2012

DIY – Lampshade cover

diy - lampshade cover

Lampshades are a really easy way to bring some color in your home. It’s also really easy to remove the lampshades en replace them with a new one. But if you want to change often there is another, cheaper,  solution: lampshade covers! This way you can make your lampshades look the way you want them to look. In every color or print you can think of. You just need some fabric and velcro!

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DIY, Interior Design

Recipe – Spicy apple chutney

recipe spicy apple chutney

This is an easy chutney made with apples. It is spicy and tastes really good with cheese. Besides that it tastes great on a burger. And best of all: it’s really easy to make!

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By Wilma Style – Lovely layered

By Wilma Style

I love to layer my clothes. This dress has a black and white print that I absolutely adore. The cardigan together with the shoes gives this outfit a splash of color.

Dress – Melrose
Cardigan – Promiss
Belt – H&M
Shoes – Thrift store


DIY – Felt necklace

diy felt necklace

I absolutely love the look of felt. Besides that, it’s also a material which is really easy to work with. This necklace is made with felt and I love the look of it.

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